Why in the world become a therapist? (letter to a student intern)

My alma mater, Seattle University, offers a brilliant course for masters-level therapists-in-training in the Existential Phenomenological Psychology program. It’s called “The World of the Clinic”, and students take this course at the same time that they begin their practical internships. The course encourages students to think broadly and critically about the social and political forcesContinue reading “Why in the world become a therapist? (letter to a student intern)”

Welcome home to who you are.

December 23, 2021. It’s been almost two years since COVID-19 shut down travel, work, and school, and we all retreated to our homes, what we had of them, to shelter in place. I remember the almost festival-like atmosphere and novelty of the experience. We logged in, we reached out, we cried listening to Italians singingContinue reading “Welcome home to who you are.”