At the Stockholm Public Library, summer of 2016

Hi! I’m Claire. I am a writer, researcher, and psychotherapist in training.

I write about the relationship between philosophy, theology, literature, the performing arts, and “performance” as a concept. With my new ventures into psychology, I have become interested in cross-cultural approaches to research, especially the concept of “folk” therapy or psychologies (I believe that I, too, will be a “folk” therapist!). I am interested in how we perceive and experience the world as both co-constituted by and other than the subject.

Currently, I am studying the existential-phenomenological (EP) approach to therapy at Seattle University. The EP approach focuses on the healing potential of human (and extra-human!) relationships, understanding isolation as the core of psychopathology. This approach is deeply committed to an ethics of responsibility to the Other, as developed by philosopher Emmanuel Levinas. EP recognizes the importance of embodiment, and believes that we are body-subjects for whom sense-experience is primary.

“The world is not comprehensible, but it is embraceable through the embracing of one of its beings.” –Martin Buber

“Pathology is isolation from ethical responsibility. Health is getting outside oneself in responsibility to others. Therapy comes when the client becomes responsibly responsible toward others in his life.” –George Kunz

“‘In the beginning there is creation,’ says the first line of the Bible. In the beginning there is also power, power that creates structure, meaning, aliveness out of tohu vavohu, chaos and formlessness. So, too, in feminist therapy: In the beginning we search for sources of power within our clients, power that allows them to create aliveness and energy from the void and numbness of oppression and disempowerment.” –Laura S. Brown

My most recent book is Performance Studies and Negative Epistemology: Performance Apophatics (Palgrave MacMillan, 2017).

Many of my publications can be found on my profile page.

Please contact me at

E-mail: or

Phone: 1 360 531 4451

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